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What is Design as a Service

We help companies be intentional about design and build better software faster

We lay foundation

We work with product teams to define visual design, streamline the user experience, and build better features with user research.

We build systems

We’re systems thinkers and build rigid structures that allow product teams to maintain and scale quickly without us.

We’re creatives

We love systems but embrace exploration and innovation and question “how it’s always been done.”

“The partnership is of great value to our company and saves us huge amounts of time.”

Profile picture of Kasper Rasmussen from Accutics smiling.
Kasper Rasmussen Co-founder at Accutics
Working with us

A long-term sparring partner, working hand-in-hand with founders, product owners, and engineers

01 Duration

We typically recommend working on a retainer for a minimum of 6 months. Then, when design foundation is strong, we help you onboard your first designer.

02 Tempo

We suggest aiming for two days of work per week, allowing us to integrate smoothly with your teams. To keep a steady pace, tasks need to be clearly defined ahead of time.

03 Availability

Our work happens in 4-hour blocks. We will accommodate your team’s schedule if the situation and context require a full-week sprint or a retainer based on specific days.

“This hybrid employee solution is the best of all worlds. We get high quality and flexibility, and that’s generally hard to come by.”

Profile picture of Rune Bromer from Wult.
Rune Bromer Co-founder at Wult
Our services

Access to complementary skills far greater than any single designer

Product design

  • UX and UI design
  • Design systems
  • Usability tests and interviews
  • Developer handover

Product branding

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Brand application
  • Digital presence

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Frederick Andersen


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