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Choosing a design agency can be risky.

We eliminate the risk by offering a 90-minute trial period.

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A condensed, in-person design session showcasing our pragmatic approach to software design.

Facilitated in Danish and English


Clarity and solutions to a design challenge you and your team are currently facing.

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From zero to free design session

A step by step guide to getting 90 minutes of free, effective design assistance.


Identify a challenge

Pick the toughest nut to crack. Get inspired.


Explain the challenge

It can be done online in 30 minutes. Book directly in our calendar.


Book a meeting

The room should preferably have a whiteboard.


Invite your team

Bonus points: If they bring good spirits and small egos.

“The partnership is of great value to our company and saves us huge amounts of time.”

Profile picture of Kasper Rasmussen from Accutics smiling.
Kasper Rasmussen Co-Founder

Use cases

Not sure what to spend the 90 minutes on? Here’s a few ideas to get the mind going.

  • Sort out navigation issues in your web app
  • Improve adaptation of your SaaS mobile application
  • Promote a feeling (e.g. safety, security)
  • Optimize onboarding of new users

It’s not our first rodeo

We’ve helped companies in many industries and verticals excel with design.

User interface for Wult's data compliance software.

Making data compliance simple, accessible, and enjoyable for a new market.

User interface for JØNI's digitized kitchen equipment.
Cloud IoT SaaS

Helping commercial kitchens increase their energy efficiency with digital displays.

Any lingering questions?

No worries. Better make sure we’re all aligned.

Expect actionable output. Our thoughts and ideas can typically be translated directly into product improvements when we leave.

Design sessions are most effective when we sit opposite each other. We can either meet at your place or at ours (we are located in DR Byen).

Our purpose is always to make everyday life better for ordinary people. It should also be the starting point for your design session.

We collaborate daily with startups and scale-ups whom all build incredible new technologies.

We understand how time-consuming and risky it can be to seek out agencies, freelancers, or full-time employees for good software design.

This is our risk-free attempt to meet more visionary founders and leaders.

Book a 30-minute chat with our CEO, Frederick. He’ll walk you through the concept and help you pick the right design challenge.

On the same call, we’ll schedule the actual 90-minute design session.

Before you know it, we’ll be abseiling down your office building through the window like a highly trained task force.

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