We helped design the visual design for the most innovative iteration of the global robot phenomenon.

A UVD Robot driving autonomously across the screen.


Prototyping UI design Design sprints Design system

We worked as part of a multidisciplinary team of exceptional researchers, designers, and engineers at Blue Ocean Robotics to build the next generation of the UVD Robot.

A safer environment for hospitals

While COVID-19 overwhelms hospitals, a fully autonomous robot is the perfect addition to the team. The ability to remotely disinfect hospital rooms in a matter of minutes makes for a safer environment for both staff and patients.

Image of a third-generation UVD Robot in an airport.
The third-generation UV-C Robot in an airport. Photo by UVD Robots.

Our role

We designed a design system around efficiency, clarity, and a sense of security for the Human Machine Interface (HMI). Systemizing our approach for designing the user interface makes for a clear and delightful experience every time.

Image of Frederick Andersen next to the UVD Robot.
Our designer Frederick with the UVD Robot.