A small team with over 40 years of combined experience scaling businesses

What to expect

A fresh perspective, modeled by six tried-and-tested principles.

User testing and validation are part of every phase of our design process. Frequent in-field and online user research informs decisions and ensures the right product is built.

We typically complete a full prototype and user testing cycle in four days, enabling our clients to validate strategic assumptions well before development.

We prefer actual work over presentations. Designing complicated digital products at scale is challenging enough without investing excessive hours in creating flashy presentations.

When you work with EDL, we become an extension of your team. There is no us and them. It is through close collaboration we grow your business and achieve joint success.

Rome was not built in a day, and neither is your software. We partner with clients who value long-term roadmaps and understand the importance of extending and optimizing their digital platforms.

Diversity can't exist without inclusion, so the key to diversity is putting inclusion first. We need to include a wide range of opinions and perspectives in our design thinking and decision-making.

We partner with forward-thinking companies

We have the privilege of working with ambitious companies looking to merge design and business strategy.

Odense ZOO

Ongoing partnership evolving the omnichannel customer experience through digital solutions.


Multi-year relationship innovating and optimizing their customer-facing SaaS-platform.


In close collaboration, rethinking how millennials buy insurance online with an AI-based approach.

Blue Ocean Robotics

Helped global robotics company reimagine and systemize their product design language.

Our team

We bring decades of diverse digital experience to your business and products.

Profile picture of CEO, Frederick Andersen smiling infront of computer screens.

Frederick J. Andersen


Frederick helps transform companies and software through design. Additionally, Frederick plays a leading role in our business development.

Profile picture of UX Designer, Niklas Missel smiling in a fashionable orange jacket.

Niklas Missel

UX Designer

Niklas helps companies build better and more competitive software through design. He loves working at the intersection of UX, business strategy, and technology.

Profile picture of co-founder and advisor, Casper Stendal smiling with sunshine in his back.

Casper Stendal


Through business strategy and digital transformation, Casper excels at understanding, challenging, and inspiring companies to help them gain a competitive advantage.

Profile picture of co-founder and advisor, Anders Wind smiling with sunshine and computer screen behind him.

Anders Wind


While heavily invested in empowering and motivating people to unleash their full potential, Anders also helps with agency operations and finance.