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EDL® is an independent Copenhagen-based digital design studio.

A reel of versatile design and branding work by EDL.
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We partner with startups, category leaders, and all kinds of fantastic people in between.

User interface for Wult's data compliance software.
B2B SaaS

Enterprise data compliance made simple, collaborative, and enjoyable.

User interface for Noitso's white-label app.
B2B B2C App

Designing a white-label experience onboarding thousands of users every week.

Push beyond the limitations of your current design.


Continuous product improvements

Don’t hire a design team, subscribe to one.

New digital project

Design superpowers for your next project.

Evaluate exisiting experience

A shortcut to a better version of your product.

“After a thorough and highly-collaborate design sprint, we ended with a user interface our software engineers and customers are excited to use.”

Profile picture of Mark Kromann, COO at Smooth Robotics.
Mark Kromann COO at Smooth Robotics

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Frederick Andersen

Designer & CEO