An embedded part of your product team

You have a vision but need the capabilities or internal resources to realise it. That’s where we come in. We immerse ourselves in your product team to help you build better digital products more efficiently.


A reel of versatile design and branding work by EDL.

Our digital product design scales and stands the test of time. You can expect detailed user flows, interactive prototypes, gorgeous visuals, and built-ready deliverables.

Our digital design strikes a balance between usability and aesthetics, transforming complex tasks into enjoyable experiences. We ensure your digital product is easy to use and intuitive, and leaves your customers feeling happy and satisfied.

Think of design systems as your playbook for your digital product. A design system helps maintain a uniform look and feel, accelerating the design and developer process. They ensure a reliable, coherent user experience while optimising your team’s productivity. And the best part? It saves you time and money.

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We ask the right questions, underline what works, and what doesn’t. We’ll identify areas that seem easy and obvious but actually ruins the user experience. By addressing these issues, we work towards enhancing your overall product experience.

When we transition from design to development, we don't just hand over files and walk away. We have a solid understanding of web technologies, which enables us to create designs that are feasible to implement. Our developer handover ensures a seamless, efficient process.


Building a strong brand around your product can be one of your greatest assets. It enables you to distinguish yourself from the competition, expand your message to a wider audience, and draw in enthusiastic users or advocates.

Our approach to brand strategy starts with exploring the world surrounding your product and company. This involves defining your values, narrative, and communication style that will connect with your users.

An effective visual identity can attract customers and delight users and differentiate you in a saturated market. We typically design and define the creative direction from typography to colours.

With an established identity, we’ll develop a range of assets to ensure a unified brand experience across channels, from social media avatars to investor decks.

For your customers, committing to a new digital product is a journey. Use every impression to tell your story, showcase your features, and establish a positive reputation.