Empower your product team with a design system

We establish design systems to help small and large product teams do more with their money while building more reliable user experiences.

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Different examples of design system components and style guides from EDL's clients.

Teams work 34%1 faster with a design system than without one

Without a design system, companies face miscommunication between developers and designers, resulting in inconsistent designs and inefficient workflows. This waste of time and resources hampers productivity and undermines user trust.

1 Measuring the value of design systems, Figma

“The partnership is of great value to our company and saves us huge amounts of time.”

Profile picture of Kasper Rasmussen from Accutics smiling.
Kasper Rasmussen Co-founder at Accutics

Design systems are the foundation for accelerating productivity and growth

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Increase user satisfaction

A well-structured design system supports product teams with delivering intuitive and reliable user experiences.

Reduce development time

Design systems improves collaboration, reduces miscommunication, and boosts developer efficiency by establishing a shared language.

Design consistency

Quicker design iterations for your team but also smooth and consistent product experience for your users.

Your new favourite external design systems team

Learn how our outcome-based design systems approach ensures good results and healthy businesses.

Design by metrics

When initiating the outline of your design system, we ensure that your company goals, such as business metrics and product vision, are the main focus.

Industry expertise

Our experts blend the latest design principles with deep industry insights to create design systems that not only meet but exceed your and your team’s expectations.

Long-lasting partners

Ask anyone of our clients, our commitment to see you succeed sets us apart. We don’t just create design systems; we scale them to elevate your business.

Real results

Our design systems are designed and built to deliver real, measurable business results.

“The design system has been a valuable asset, it’s speeding up our daily work by allowing us to build better UIs with fewer resources.”

Ivan Shakhorski Software Developer at Allyy

Whether starting or scaling your design system, we are your partner in crime

Establishing design system

Empower your team and UX through a unified design ecosystem.

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Typical outcomes

  • Predefined color and typography styles, directly applicable as CSS variables or design tokens
  • Component library with organised, reusable UI components with mapped variants and named properties
  • Page templates with ready-to-use building blocks for quick design iterations
  • Guidelines for developers and product owners helping to ensure UI consistency
  • Workflows for systems like Storybook and Jira to enhance productivity among developers and product owners

Scale your design system

Access to a specialised team to scale your design systems.

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Typical outcomes

  • A manageable design system that people want to use
  • We help to generate support and commitment from within your organization
  • Continuous adaptation to your team’s product development preferences
  • Your design system always support your evolving product and business goals

We are not the right partner for everybody

Choose EDL if you...

  • Want a long-lasting design partner
  • Work with a outcome-based design approach
  • Want an embedded team of designers
  • Looking to improve productivity in your product team
  • Access to a multidisciplinary design team
  • A flexible and adaptable partner

Don’t choose us if you...

  • Prefer a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Want a worker, not a partner
  • Know exactly what you want
  • Think design is an afterthought

Join the ranks of leaders who trust us to deliver exceptional design systems that drive real results

Our design studio partners with startups across various tech sectors—MarTech, FinTech, PropTech, MedTech, and AdTech.

Beyond the acronyms, we’re experts at decoding the intricate demands of SaaS platforms into user-friendly, standout designs.

Oskar and Modestas working on design systems.

After many years in the biz, we decided to mix things up!

We’ve created a new kind of studio. EDL® combines killer branding with user-friendly digital design, all to make your product pop and your users’ world a little brighter.

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Kick off your design system

We’re ready to discuss the business opportunities in establishing a design system. Reach out with questions and we’ll respond within an hour.

Profile picture of CEO, Frederick Andersen smiling infront of computer screens.

Frederick Andersen


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Frequently asked questions

You need you to share insights into your company’s vision and KPIs, the current state of design, guidelines and documentation, and any existing developer pain points.

Yes, our design system service can be acquired as a one-time purchase, offering you the flexibility to choose the best option for your company. We also provide the option of ongoing maintenance for a fixed monthly fee, ensuring your design system remains current and aligned with your evolving needs.

Developing a comprehensive design system is a meticulous process that includes an initial audit, system mapping in Figma, component development, and documentation. This thorough approach typically spans a few months, ensuring every aspect is aligned with your objectives and needs.

It involves thorough documentation and presentation with stakeholders and team members to ensure adaptability and smooth integration of the design system. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to address any evolving needs or updates.

To kick off, schedule an introductory call with our CEO, Frederick. During our conversation, we’ll delve into your specific needs, goals, and timeline, tailoring a plan to suit your requirements. Whether you’re ready to begin immediately or need more details, we’re here to guide you every step of the way and answer all your questions.

Certainly! Explore our work to see examples of our latest design systems projects.