Case studyDecember 28, 2023

Allyy: Scalable design system in 5 months

Allyy is a MarTech SaaS company specialising in enhancing the relevance of communication and marketing efforts. A notable example of their success is the collaboration with DR Concert Hall, where Allyy implemented real-time individualisation for website visitors. This innovation led to a significant conversion boost of over 15% and an increase in average basket size by 20%.

The objective

Our goal was to elevate Allyy’s user experience within five months on Design as a Service. This involved refining the user interface, establishing a scalable visual foundation, and streamlining the overall user experience.

A section of the Allyy platform.
The design features a vibrant colour palette complemented by a functional visual structure.

Our approach

UX audit

The project started with a comprehensive session involving Allyy’s leadership team, which aligned our understanding of their goals and vision for success. We then conducted a thorough UX audit to identify immediate improvements and potential opportunities. This process led to revamping the navigation system, enhancing the visual language, and refining the copy to minimise misunderstandings.

Collaborative process

Collaboration was key in our approach. We worked intimately with Allyy’s product owner, CTO, and front-end engineer. Our efforts began with overhauling the simpler user flows, gradually moving towards more complex features.


Throughout this journey, we meticulously documented our decisions, developed reusable components, and established guiding principles for Allyy’s design approach. These resources were readily accessible through Figma, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow.

“Despite our product’s complexity, EDL introduced a fresh perspective and improved the user experience.”

Profile picture of Olivier Poivey from Allyy smiling.
Olivier Poivey Co-founder at Allyy


After five months, Allyy emerged as a more design-mature SaaS company. Their software now boasts a systematised, scalable, and competitively superior user experience.

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