Case studyAugust 28, 2023

ARIS Robotics: Branding the future of waste management

ARIS Robotics is a technology company specialising in AI and vision solutions for monitoring and sorting waste. Their goal is to optimise waste streams through innovative technologies, and they achieve this by offering real-time monitoring and analysis. They help their clients make informed decisions for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The objective

ARIS Robotics needed a strong brand identity, an engaging website, and a user-friendly web application interface to convey their dedication and cutting-edge solutions.

They wanted to distinguish themselves from competitors with a well-established brand identity, to be applied consistently across all their online media. They also aimed to create a strong online presence through a website that clearly communicates their technology’s capabilities.

Jublo’s new navigation, designed for high accessibility, efficent multitasking, and interchangable branding.
ARIS Robotics’ branding applied in the wild.

Our approach

We collaborated with ARIS Robotics’ founders and marketing team in a workshop to develop the brand identity. By working together, we deeply understood the company’s values, vision, and aspirations. The information we gained from the workshop was essential in developing the brand identity.

Once we established the brand identity, we focused on designing the website. We aimed to effectively communicate the capabilities and potential of the technology to potential clients while maintaining consistency with the new brand identity across the website.

A cohesive brand experience

ARIS Robotics now boasts a robust and unique brand identity, informed by a deep understanding of their vision and goals. Their new identity is applied cohesively across their marketing and social media platforms, ensuring consistency in communication and aesthetics.

Editing a dashboard from the redesigned Jublo web app.
ARIS Robotics’ new website boasting the new moody colour pallet, pixel-perfect waste scanning elements, and a clear copy.

Their new website serves as a powerful online communicator of their innovative technology's potential to prospective clients. The brand identity reflects their innovative spirit and commitment to a sustainable future, while their digital platform efficiently communicates their technological capabilities.

Through this process, we ensured that ARIS Robotics stands out as a leader in AI-driven waste management solutions.

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