Case studySeptember 29, 2023

Streamlining data compliance for enterprises with Wult

In the era of big data, larger organisations are constantly grappling with managing the chaos around data protection. The role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) is becoming ever more crucial yet fraught with complexity.

Rune, CEO of Wult, envisioned an all-in-one solution to alleviate these pain points and help DPOs easily handle data compliance. However, transforming this vision into an efficient, scalable, and user-friendly product required some serious design muscle.

The objective

Throughout our collaboration, we emphasised three main areas of focus: UX design, UI design, and visual design. Our primary goal was to streamline vast amounts of information into a strategic yet efficient architecture, resulting in a user-friendly experience that guides DPOs through the complexities of data compliance.

The Wult platform displayed in a Macbook Pro on a wooden table.
The policy builder feature in action showing activity logs, history, and latest changes.

Our approach

In terms of UX design, we worked to create a seamless experience that allowed for easy navigation through the application while handling large volumes of data. For the UI design, we ensured the product’s scalability and interactions could handle varying workflows. Finally, we created a visual design language for Wult that resonated with its target audience and was true to the traditional SaaS aesthetics.

From the outset, Wult employed our Design as a Service approach, which provided them access to our design team as required. With a clear and flexible monthly design budget, they could drive the project at a comfortable pace.

“This hybrid employee solution is the best of all worlds. We get high quality and flexibility, and that’s generally hard to come by.”

Profile picture of Rune Bromer from Wult.
Rune Bromer Co-founder at Wult

Regular check-ins were crucial to ensure we were aligned on objectives and outcomes. We communicated frequently, using informal chats over Slack or full-day strategic workshops to stay aligned. By sharing our project management systems, we synchronised our priorities without unnecessary meetings, maximising our design output time.

We also collaborated directly with their founding team in Figma during design sessions. This allowed for rapid prototyping and design iterations and ensured the designs were technically feasible.

Dashboard view in the Wult platform.
A bird’s-eye view of the whistleblower feature in the Wult platform.

Challenging visuals and workflows

Our biggest challenge was making the complex data accessible and understandable when needed. Every workflow differs across DPOs and organisations, so the user experience had to embrace this.

We worked closely with Wult’s leadership and engineers, drawing on their vast industry experience to create clear, actionable visualisations that would meet their user’s needs.

The result

Through our collective effort, the design of their platform has evolved from a generic interface to a highly scalable design system.

Our partnership with Wult highlights the potential of collaborative design in shaping the future of SaaS products. We couldn’t be more proud.

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