A shortcut to a better version of your product.

Typically done across two weeks, we evaluate your software product across ten industry standards.

The outcome is a prioritized list of actions carefully picked to improve the overall user experience.

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We’ve applied the same principles for great companies

Why teams love it

Our evaluation energizes teams and uncovers easy wins in your product experience.

Clear purpose

Our evaluation leads to quick and easy wins in critical areas of your experience.

Uncover insights

Most people can tell when an experience is challenging to use, but an evaluation can precisely underline what to do differently.

Design maturity

We’ll present our findings and insights to your team to mature their understanding of great design.

Insights in plain sight

Teams can lose sight of the big picture when they focus on building products. Our evaluation will help you discover insights you may not have considered.


We’ve helped small, medium, and large tech companies make tough decisions and will help you weigh your product improvements.

“The partnership is of great value to our company and saves us huge amounts of time.”

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Kasper Rasmussen Co-Founder

Our evaluation process

Step 1

Schedule a video call

  • An EDL® designer will be assigned your evaluation.
  • We're a small team, so we only take on a few evaluations every month.
  • Schedule your video call with our CEO, Frederick.
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Step 2

Identify focus

  • Our evaluation typically focuses on a specific journey crucial to your company’s success.
  • We evaluate early prototypes, live products, or Figma designs.
Step 3


  • The evaluation typically takes around two weeks.
  • For the most part, we complete the review without too much dialog to reduce bias.
Step 4


  • You'll receive a digestible, shareable, and actionable report.
  • All issues are weighted by importance.
  • We’ll be available to discuss implementation.

Ready to improve your product?

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Frequently asked questions

Please do not hesitate to reach out.

We need you to explain a few things (e.g., audience, their needs, your intent, and your KPIs), but we’ll do the actual evaluation. Before you know it, a list of actionable insights will land in your inbox.

Schedule an introductory call with our CEO, Frederick. Together you’ll discuss your product, budget, and timeline—no strings attached until you commit.

An evaluation is good for stirring things up. Your team might need a fresh pair of unbiased eyes. Maybe your product has grown out of control in the last 12 months, and you need help connecting everything seamlessly. Perhaps you’re just trying to avoid easily correctable UX mistakes before launch.

Typically, it takes less than two weeks from start to finish. Of course, the final time varies, but we’ll be able to determine that after our introductory call.

Our evaluation builds upon the industry standards developed by Rolf Molich and Jakob Nielsen. In addition, we enrich the evaluation with our specialized experience working with small, medium, and large tech companies.