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At EDL, we specialise in helping SaaS teams move faster and make more progress than they ever thought possible.

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App design for Jublo's SaaS product. App design for Jublo
Workflow editor designed for SaaS startup Allyy. Workflow editor for Allyy
Insurance overview for Popermo. Insurance app for Popermo
Dashboard view for ARIS Robotics' SaaS platform. Data visualisation platform for ARIS Robotics
Dashboard view for Jublo's SaaS product. PropTech platform for Jublo
Internal software tool for GF Forsikring. Dashboard for GF Forsikring
UI for BlueKey's maritime SaaS platform. Maritime platform for BlueKey

Designing for quality with limited resources

Whether bootstrapped or funded, SaaS startups typically face tight timelines and budgets.

Our Design as a Service approach is tailored to support your team in overcoming these challenges. We’re here to help you craft a scalable, captivating product design that distinguishes your brand, even with resource constraints.

“The partnership is of great value to our company and saves us huge amounts of time.”

Profile picture of Kasper Rasmussen from Accutics smiling.
Kasper Rasmussen Co-founder at Accutics

Scaling design without growing pains

Scaling a SaaS product often means scaling your design needs accordingly. But expanding a team is not always feasible or fast enough to match the pace of your growth.

EDL steps in as your agile design partner, scaling up effortlessly alongside your product. We fill the gaps in your design capacity with the finest talent Copenhagen has to offer, ensuring that your user experience never takes a backseat as you grow.

“Working with EDL has been a blast. We started off needing a bit of help with our navigation but ended up giving our whole platform a fresh new look!”

Profile picture of Carsten Rasmussen from Propbinder smiling.
Carsten Rasmussen CEO at Propbinder

Accelerating your SaaS product’s time-to-market

In the SaaS world, speed is everything. Getting to market faster can be the difference between leading the pack or trailing behind. Our design studio is built for speed, without compromising on quality.

We establish and maintain design systems for all our SaaS clients, helping them reduce the design cycle, enabling them to iterate quickly and launch sooner.

“They quickly grasped our vision and values, and skillfully transformed them into a visual identity. Working with them has been a pleasure.”

Profile picture of Sina from ARIS Robotics smiling.
Sina Pour Soltani Co-founder at ARIS Robotics

Elevating user experience to drive retention

A SaaS product’s success hinges on user retention, which is directly influenced by user experience. At EDL, we understand the nuances of user behavior.

Our designs don’t just attract customers; they create loyal users. By focusing on intuitive interfaces and seamless interactions, we elevate the user journey to boost satisfaction and retention rates.

“Despite our product’s complexity, EDL introduced a fresh perspective and improved the user experience.”

Profile picture of Olivier Poivey from Allyy smiling.
Olivier Poivey Co-founder at Allyy

We help SaaS companies be intentional about design and build better product faster

We lay foundation

We work with SaaS product teams to define visual design, streamline the user experience, and build better features with user research.

We build systems

Long-term value through design systems and sustainable, scalable design practices that grows with your SaaS product.

We’re creatives

We help SaaS companies establish a strong market presence from the outset, aligning with their vision and values.

The choice of product teams looking for a big advantage

Our design studio partners with startups across various tech sectors—MarTech, FinTech, PropTech, MedTech, and AdTech.

Beyond the acronyms, we’re experts at decoding the intricate demands of SaaS platforms into user-friendly, standout designs.

We’re here to help

There are no stupid questions. For pre-sales questions or other inquiries, contact us and we’ll get back to you within an hour.

Profile picture of CEO, Frederick Andersen smiling infront of computer screens.

Frederick Andersen


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Frequently asked questions

Schedule an introductory call with our CEO, Frederick. Together you’ll discuss your SaaS product, ambitions, audience, and technical limitations.

We partner with our SaaS clients in two distinct ways. Our most popular approach is the subscription-based model, Design as a Service. This option provides you with instant access to design-led product development for a fixed monthly fee.

For those preferring a more traditional approach, we offer project-based services. Do you have a project in need of design resources to bring it to life? We’ll integrate seamlessly with your team of developers, product managers, and stakeholders, helping you rapidly progress from concept to launch.

Our in-house team of UX, product, and brand designers are working from our offices in DR Byen. In most cases, we assign a lead designer to your company.

We use Figma for everything from UX research to production-ready design deliverables.