Case studySeptember 7, 2023

Packaging enterprise features into a mobile experience

Efficient tools for facility managers and janitors on the go are indispensable in an era dominated by mobile devices. Jublo’s application emerges as a solution to this need, simplifying the enterprise experience for these professionals. With Jublo’s app, work never skips a beat, even when on the move.

The objective

Jublo has established a strong reputation in the industry with its innovative web application. Building on this success, they were enthusiastic about venturing into uncharted territory. Their goal was to create a specialised companion app customised to meet the unique requirements of facility managers and janitors.

A few screens from the Jublo mobile app experience.
A few data screens from the mobile app experience, adopted and redesigned for a smaller screen size.

Our approach

To create a product that would appeal to a specific audience, it was necessary to have a delicate touch and a deep understanding of their unique needs. We began by having extensive chat with Jublo’s founder, which allowed us to absorb the company’s ambitions. We then held brainstorming sessions with developers, customer support, and sales staff to gain a deeper understanding. This allowed us to create an initial set of features that catered to end-users’ needs.

We designed a flexible task management system, the apps main feature. This system allowed users to track, manage, and execute tasks effortlessly. Additionally, we ensured consistency across platforms by integrating this system with the existing web app.

Furthermore, we recognised the dynamic nature of the mobile platform and established a scalable mobile design system. This included a comprehensive style guide and a range of reusable components, providing a strong foundation for future developments and iterations.

To ensure a seamless transition from ideation to execution, we handed over a well-documented design to their development team.

The launch of a new mobile app

Our collaboration resulted in the launch of Jublo’s mobile app, showcasing their commitment to meet evolving customer needs.

Editing a dashboard from the redesigned Jublo web app.
A bird’s-eye view of the mobile app experience when viewing and managing a property.


During our journey, we faced several obstacles, and one of the major challenges was to condense a complex web experience into a concise mobile format. We had to rethink the features and make them suitable for a new platform and context while ensuring that their essence and usefulness remained intact.

As we conclude, let us take inspiration from Jublo’s mobile app journey, which demonstrates the power of collaboration and a deep understanding of user needs. It can be a guiding light for all enterprises looking to pivot or expand in the digital space.

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