Design superpowers for your next digital project

You’re shaping a new experience, maturing an existing product, or refreshing an industry leader but lack the design expertise to do it.

That’s where we come in. We’re a deeply specialized, Copenhagen-based design studio.

We offer functional and delightful designs for businesses looking for stable and long-term solutions. Not a quick fix.

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What we do best



No matter your industry, our process helps create a shared understanding of your target users’ requirements, expectations, and typical digital habits.



We facilitate workshops to align and bring your team—with all its fantastic expertise and ideas—directly into the design process with structured discussion and ideation.



We create interactive prototypes to make your vision tangible and get early buy-in from stakeholders.



We conceptualize and design digital products from first ideas to final launch. Our designers excel at designing effortless, enjoyable user interfaces.


Usability testing

Our testing process for digital products helps identify the patterns that you think are easy and obvious but just aren’t. We help you move past these flaws to improve your user experience.

“The partnership is of great value to our company and saves us huge amounts of time.”

Profile picture of Kasper Rasmussen from Accutics smiling.
Kasper Rasmussen Co-Founder

Our approach to digital projects

A deeply specialized and systematic approach to design projects.

Phase 1

Understand your current situation

  • To better understand where you are and what you imagine for the future, we’ll start with an audit of your current situation.
  • This ensures we align on a clear path forward.
  • Schedule your video call with our CEO, Frederick.
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Phase 2

User experience workshops

  • As part of our people-first design process, we’ll facilitate an in-depth UX workshop.
  • This forms an understanding of your target users’ requirements, expectations, and typical digital habits.
Phase 3

Map your digital experience

  • Any great digital experience starts with a holistic user journey, product infrastructure, and wireframes.
  • We’ll map out a cohesive, intuitive experience for your digital project.
Phase 4

Prototype a design

  • After setting a solid base for the product, it’s time to fill in all the details.
  • We’ll prototype a realistic design of your digital product.
  • This allows for easy feedback from stakeholders, engineers, and users.
Phase 5

Handover for development

  • At the end of the project, we’ll do a complete design handover.
  • We’ll explain how to reuse the design library and components.
  • Typically, we’ll suggest continuing with Design as a Service afterward.

Reach out to our CEO

He’s been designing digital projects for a decade and will help you get a running start with your next design project.

Profile picture of CEO, Frederick Andersen smiling infront of computer screens.

Frederick Andersen

Designer & CEO

Frequently asked questions

Please do not hesitate to reach out.

It depends on the scope, but our minimum charge is 100,000 DKK. We build relationships. We don’t work like freelancers.

By default, all projects contain two rounds of iteration. More iterations can be discussed, but we typically hit the mark on the first attempt.

You will be assigned a specialized designer who will gradually become an expert within your business, product, and audience.

We always try to match new customers with a designer who has the right balance of industry knowledge and curious uncertainty.

Innovation flourishes best under these conditions.

Got a project in mind?

We’ll discuss the challenges and recommend the best next steps for the project.

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