Transforming assumptions into a data-informed, minimal viable product users love.

iPhone with UI of the home and resturant page of the Odense ZOO app.


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September 2021

The challenge

Odense ZOO wanted to digitize their season passes and create a feature-rich mobile app experience. We needed to define our audience, their needs and produce a minimum viable product that could reward us with valuable insights immediately.

Our role

We designed the app experience from low-fidelity wireframes to a fully-fleshed design system. We also facilitated workshops with stakeholders, online surveys with users, and a 40-people usability test on-site.

We documented and delivered the design system to Ecreo, who executed on app development.

Screens and features from Odense ZOO’s new app.

Workshop and surveys

We held a workshop centered around a few core personas ranging from young single adults to grandparents visiting with their grandchildren.

Odense ZOO was well-represented. Marketing, sales, customer service, education, and their CEO all shared their expertise and experience. We based our exercises on Strategyzer’s value proposition canvas and created six customer journey maps.

Shortly after our workshop, we sent out a nine-question survey, which massed 5000 answers from season ticket holders. The answers ultimately helped define our minimal viable product.

iPhone with UI of the home screen of the Odense ZOO app.
We layed out all screens to create an interactive prototype.

Rapid prototyping

We quickly turned to our prototyping tools to explore different experiences for each feature. We designed, tested, and iterated an interactive prototype over two days. Figma was essential to create close collaboration with Odense ZOO’s marketing team.

The bottom of the map view with a search function visible. A calendar of March open on top of the daily program. Close-up of a season pass in the Odense ZOO app. A photo of an iPhone taken from the top with the daily program showing.
Screens and elements from the new design system.

Design system and user testing

Odense ZOO was working on a new logo and a fresh overall identity. We transformed the design into a strict digital design system. Every part of the design from typography to individual components documented with usage and functionality in mind for Ecreo’s engineers.

iPhone with UI of the home screen of the Odense ZOO app.
A small fraction of the design system.